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CBD oil for animals.

Doing something good for your pet!

Not only can humans benefit from the positive effect of cannabidiol (CBD), animals benefit just as well from this non-psychoactive cannabis ingredient. Because animals - for example mammals, fish or mollusks - have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans. Good news for your pet!


Why does CBD oil also work in animals?

CBD oil works in animals in the same way as in humans, because animals, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS constantly monitors whether all bodily functions are doing what they are supposed to do and it keeps the body in balance. Within this ECS, cannabinoids from the cannabis plant (CBD) dock at special receptors called CB1 and CB2. These receptors are found all over the body, for example in the nervous system, digestive tract, brain, glands, tissues and skin. But in addition to cannabinoids that can be supplied from the outside, the body of animals, just like the body of humans, also produces its own endocannabinoids. When the CBD from the cannabis plant attaches to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, the body is activated to use more of its own endocannabinoids. In other words, the CBD from the cannabis plant stimulates the body's cannabinoid system and supports it in its physical tasks and functions.


CBD oil for animals: effects and side effects


To what extent can CBD oil help pets?


For example, when an animal is in fear or pain because it is experiencing a stress situation, CBD can help it to calm down and help get the body back into balance.

CBD oil always has a positive effect on the health of all animals. So to benefit from it, your pet does not have to be physically ill or suffer from psychological conditions. But when this is the case, CBD oil can help even more to bring the animal back into balance.

By administering CBD oil the animal can become calmer, CBD oil helps to reduce stress and anxiety and to relax. CBD oil can also have a positive effect on the neurological functions and the motor skills and agility of the animal. CBD oil also supports the immune system and contributes to healthy digestion, can help relieve chronic pain and provide valuable support in the last hours of an animal's life.


Treating animals with CBD oil


We assume that all animal keepers want their animals to have a good and dignified life. When animals are sick or have other ailments, you feel responsible and you do not want to watch them suffer helplessly. CBD oil can help with many ailments, diseases, disorders and other inconveniences of your animal. Much research is being done all over the world on the effect of CBD in animals, particularly in dogs, cats and horses, with good results, especially when cannabis oil is given to dogs, cats and horses to support normal medical care.

By what kind of complaints can you give cbd oil to an animal? For example, with age complaints, wounds, infections, if the animal is in pain, with bumps or lumps in the skin, with epileptic seizures, when an animal is anxious (perhaps a dog that does not dare to stay home alone) or other psychological disorders, in cancer or when an animal suffers from indigestion and other digestive problems.


Possible side effects in animals when treating CBD oil


Just like in humans, CBD causes little or no side effects in animals, and certainly no serious side effects. There are also no known negative interactions with other drugs taken at the same time or with dietary supplements. You also do not have to worry that CBD oil for animals has a psychoactive effect on your animal because there should not be more than 0.2% THC in the oils. This is such a low level that an animal absolutely cannot get "high" or experience any other psychoactive effect. In case of overdose, certain symptoms can sometimes be the result, for example a dry nose and mouth, feeling sleepy or drowsy, low blood pressure or diarrhea.


CBD oil for animals is not a panacea


CBD oil for pets is a good support, but not a panacea. It can help to reduce all kinds of symptoms and improve bodily functions. But it does not mean that you should use it as the only medicine and that you can be sure that it will heal the animal. Always consult your veterinarian or veterinarian when you want to give CBC to a sick animal. Never stop a prescription medication on your own. As mentioned, CBD is not a panacea, but a suitable addition to a balanced and well-tailored animal care.


Application of CBD oil in animals

Which dosage?


Just like with humans, you also start with an animal with a low dose of CBD oil, which is then slowly increased until you have achieved the desired effect. In animals, unlike in humans, dosage should be adjusted according to body weight. We generally recommend that animals do not give more than three drops of CBD oil per five kilos of body weight. For example, for most dogs, two drops per five kilograms of body weight is an ideal dose.

You can give healthy animals that you want to support with CBD oil as a food supplement with a CBD content of 1%. You do not have to take a higher CBD content when it gets sick, but you can simply give more drops. One dose per day is usually sufficient. In case of a serious illness you can increase it to two or three doses per day. You can simply add the CBD pet oil to the food.

An example of a dosage: the first day you start with one drop of CBD oil for animals, the second day you give two drops, the third day three drops, etc. You can increase the dose per day by one drop until a desired result becomes visible. .

As with humans, you have to try out the most effective dose. That does not necessarily have to be a high dose. More does not mean that it goes faster or the effect is greater. CBD already works at small doses. Also keep in mind that the digestive system of the animal has to get used to the CBD oil and that you should therefore use it for at least 3 weeks. We recommend taking a break of a few days after about three months.

Organic hemp seed oil is a good alternative for your pet

Instead of CBD oil for animals, you can also give your pet organic hemp seed oil. That is cheaper and yet a high-quality dietary supplement and very healthy. Hemp seed oil contains vitamins (such as vitamins B and E), antioxidants, essential fatty acids in the correct ratio, all essential amino acids and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). The body produces hormone-like substances from GLA that have an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthen the immune system. Hemp seed oil is also good for the coat and nails.

But with skin problems such as eczema, itching, dandruff or hair loss, CBD oil for animals is even more effective. CBD mixed with olive oil or hemp seed oil ensures a healthy balance and the coat becomes soft and shiny.