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VitaDog + 10ml 15% CBD oil

VitaDog + 10ml 15% CBD oil

VitaDog + 10ml 15% CBD oil

VitaDog + 10ml 15% CBD oil

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15% Premium CBD Oil (1500mg, Phytocannabinoids)

This product contains 10 ml.
Total 1000 mg of phytocannabinoids
100% organic oil.
Gluten and lactose free.
Lab tested.
Contains about 300 drops.
1 drop contains about 3.3 mg
Kenoil CBD oil pure premium CBD oil.

Kenoil CBD Oil is a full spectrum, filtered CBD oil made from the best organically grown hemp in Europe. The hemp is extracted via the supercritical CO2 method, to maximize the concentration of cannabinoids. It is then distilled, winterized (winterization is the removal of lipids from crude extract), separated and then diluted to create a smooth and powerful CBD oil with many benefits.

The benefits that CBD offers depend entirely on the quality of the oil. That's why Kenoil closely monitors every stage of the manufacturing process to obtain the purest possible form of CBD, which is why Kenoil CBD Oil is suitable for everyone.

To guarantee the pure quality of Kenoil oil, we use the following standards:

We only work with bio-certified growers. Not only is our hemp grown organically, it has been specially grown to ensure that the CBD content is as high as possible than in normal hemp.

We use a supercritical CO2 extraction process because it is significantly safer and less toxic than traditional fossil fuel based extraction, resulting in a consistent and more tasty oil.

We distill the oil twice to remove the lipids, bacteria, fungi and solvents, yielding an odorless high quality clear distillate.

We winterize the oil, a filtering process that crystallizes and removes fats and waxes to keep the oil from becoming cloudy at cool temperatures.

Finally, we dilute the oil to remove traces of the harsh taste and make an oil that is guaranteed to be pure.


All our oils are 100% natural and organic. We do not allow the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, genetically modified products or growth hormones in our manufacturing process. All our CBD oil is lab tested. We test for CBD content, other cannabinoids, contaminants, dangerous bacteria and fungi to ensure both safety and quality.

All our products are kosher, vegan, gluten and lactose free.

This product contains 10 ml.
Contains CBD
Total 1500 mg of phytocannabinoids

Organic olive oil, decarboxylated hemp oil (decarboxylation is the process by which the oil is heated so that it loses its acidic form and CO2 is released.) In our hemp oil, the process changes CBDa into CBD).

Keep in a cool dark place

CBD is not psychoactive, which means that you will not get the high effect.


VitaZymes VitaDog


Increase your dog's vitality with the natural herbal combination from VitaZymes. VitaDog supports dog health by keeping your dog in shape and maintaining dog health in the hips and joints, as well as healthy respiratory function, by keeping the blood clean for a 'warm' muzzle

In other words, VitaDog provides a healthy dog full of energy and life


Vitadog supports:

The health of the dog in the hips and joints
Healthy respiratory function
Helps keep blood clean
Increases energy level when it is low
Ideal for a 'warm' muzzle

In short: a healthy dog full of energy and life


Increase your dog's vitality with the natural herbal combination from VitaZymes

The herbs in VitaDog work as a blood purifier. VitaDog supports good, trouble-free breathing and healthy joints and hips. VitaDog helps to maintain the health of your dog, the dog gets energy and vitality and keeps your dog in shape.

If your dog is feeling bad in any way, such as aching or arthritic joints, labored breathing, or maybe a tumor that is bothering him, it will be beneficial to give your best friend VitaDog. If the muzzle is 'warm', a good dose of VitaDog will also help cool it down and feel better.

VitaDog can also be used for recovery, which provides a faster improvement, for example after surgery.


One (1) to four (4) capsules per day. The recommended dose depends on the size of the dog - weight - and general condition.

Up to 15 kg: 1-2 capsules daily

Between 15 and 30 kg: 2-3 capsules daily

More than 30 kg: 3-4 capsules

As an extra boost - for example with a 'warm' muzzle: give three (3) capsules at once.

The dose can be halved if the main goal is to maintain good health.

Can be given at any time of the day (with food or between meals) all at once or throughout the day. The contents of the capsule can be emptied to mix with food.



Sorrel (Acetosella vulgaris)
Burdock Root (Lappa Major)
Red elm bark (Ulmus fulva)
Chinese rhubarb (Rheum officinale)

100% vegetal.

No added salt, sugar, starch or fillers. No added colors, flavors or preservatives. No lubricants have been used in the housing and are free of magnesium stearate.


Each pack contains 120 capsules - up to four months of consumption, depending on the daily dose.


VitaZymes herbal preparations are made with the best natural ingredients


How to store

To ensure freshness and efficacy, the capsules should be stored at room temperature 15-30 ° C and not in a humid environment.


• Health products for dogs
• Essential nutrients for good health
• For a healthy and vital dog
• Dietary supplements
• Supplement for all dog food
• 100% natural
• 100% vegetarian
• Fibrous and soothing herbs


Article No.
130 g/pcs